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Gifted adults: Brilliant innovation and extraordinary contributions

“There are many confusing notions about what giftedness is and is not. Indeed, in several respects, the life experience of the gifted individual seems paradoxical (e.g., being considered highly successful while secretly feeling like an impostor).” From article Encountering the Gifted Self Again, For the First Time, by Mary-Elaine Jacobsen, Psy.D. In another article, Dr. […]

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You think you’re so smart. You’re too verbal…too sensitive

A number of movies include gifted and talented characters, and depict a variety of characteristics related to exceptional people that are positive – but these qualities also can generate not so positive reactions from others, such as “You think you’re so smart,” or, “You’re too verbal… too bossy… too nerdy… too sensitive.” And, of course, we may still […]

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Gifted Grownups

Gifted adults are different from an early age

Being different as a child “I was shy. I was a mixture of insecurities and very bossy.” J.K. Rowling added that she was “Very bossy to my sister but quite quiet with strangers. Very bookish. Te

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Gifted, Talented People: Too Passionate?

Too passionate and extreme Actor Richard E. Grant commented in an interview: “You only learn about yourself, it seems, from how other people react or what they tell you about yourself. "From t

Living With Intensity

Mindful Intensity

Mia Wasikowska portrayed troubled, suicidal teen gymnast Sophie in the outstanding HBO psychotherapy drama series “In Treatment.” In an interview, Wasikowska (pronounced vash-i-kov-ska) commented, “


Dabrowski Excitabilities – Michael Jackson

Polish psychiatrist and psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski (1902 – 1980) worked with creative adults and adolescents, and developed a theory of personality and emotional development that is often a


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Mental Health

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