Asperger’s: Clearly Bright and Imaginative

Mental health conditions such as autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, often considered a mild form of autism, can be challenging for many children and adults, and result in treatment for symptoms such as social impairment, isolation, and “eccentric behavior.”  [There are many expert criticisms of how much neurodiversity and other forms of “difference” should be “treated” […]


Where do you get perfectionism: From the inside out or the outside in?

By Lisa Erickson, MS, LMHC I’ve been thinking about varieties of perfectionism since having a discussion with a gifted trauma survivor. It became clear that some of their perfectionism was an expression of giftedness and some was related to family of origin issues. Same outcome, different sources. Does the source of perfectionism matter? I think […]

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Sarah Bernhardt

Gifted, Talented People: Too Passionate?

Too passionate and extreme Actor Richard E. Grant commented in an interview: “You only learn about yourself, it seems, from how other people react or what they tell you about yourself. "From t

Living With Intensity

Mindful Intensity

Mia Wasikowska portrayed troubled, suicidal teen gymnast Sophie in the outstanding HBO psychotherapy drama series “In Treatment.” In an interview, Wasikowska (pronounced vash-i-kov-ska) commented, “


Dabrowski Excitabilities – Michael Jackson

Polish psychiatrist and psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski (1902 – 1980) worked with creative adults and adolescents, and developed a theory of personality and emotional development that is often a

Heath Ledger

Advanced development: Achieving and excitability

Heath Ledger “Brokeback Mountain” star Heath Ledger can often “get twitchy” he admits: “Sometimes I find it hard sitting still, usually when I’m in the spotlight or even in rehearsal. My nervous energ

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Mental Health

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