Writing from personal experience: J.K. Rowling and celebrating our unique qualities

Channeling challenges into creativity In researching my main site [Talent Development Resources] about issues that impact personal development and creative expression for gifted and talented people, I have perhaps been “guilty” of emphasizing the problem side of topics such as introversion, self esteem, high sensitivity etc. But many authors, filmmakers and other creators have been […]


Heath Ledger

Advanced development: Achieving and excitability

Heath Ledger “Brokeback Mountain” star Heath Ledger can often “get twitchy” he admits: “Sometimes I find it hard sitting still, usually when I’m in the spotlight or even in rehearsal. My nervous energ

Energy Ball - by jam343

Beyond the Chaos or Void in my Life?

By Edith Johnston I have lots of ideas.  I am intelligent and inquisitive with lots of interests.  Yet, I am insecure and everything seems incongruent as I move through life. Does this sound l


Highly Sensitive, Gifted, Not Disordered

Being highly sensitive is a common experience for many, if not most, gifted people. It is related to intensity and excitabilities such as emotional, intellectual and imaginational - and especially


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