Lang Lang: “Pressure…but a wonderful way to grow up”

Lang Lang“If my father had pressured me like this and I had not done well, it would have been child abuse, and I would be traumatized, maybe destroyed. He could have been less extreme and we probably would have made it to the same place; you don’t have to sacrifice everything to be a musician.

“But we had the same goal. So since all the pressure helped me become a world-famous star musician, which I love being, I would say that, for me, it was in the end a wonderful way to grow up.”Lang Lang

From Chapter VIII of Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity by Andrew Solomon.

Lang Lang “is a Chinese concert pianist residing in New York, who has performed with leading orchestras in Europe, the United States and his native China. He is known for his concert performances, television, as well as releasing albums and soundtracks. Lang has done much to encourage children and young musicians to take an interest in classical music, especially through the international foundation he launched in New York in 2008.” [Wikipedia]

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  01.18.15   By Douglas Eby
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